Supplemental Insurance: 

•   Designed to supplement a medical plan

•   Usually provides cash benefits to the client to be used at they choose

•   Are not coordinated; thus not limited to the cost of the medical service provided

•   Benefits are provided based on a schedule, a fixed amount, for each qualifying service provided.

Supplemental Plans:

•   Cancer Care

•   Critical Illness

•   Accident 

•   Disability

•   Travel

•   Hospital Indemnity

AFLAC is hands down the leading provider of supplemental benefits. Great News!  The turnaround time for covered claims is now only 24hrs! To find out more about supplemental plans read the brochures on the sidebar.

*United Health Care also offers a full line of supplemental products. Find out more by clicking the links above.

Travel and International insurance are offered through both Metlife and United Health Care.

 >  Travel insurance covers short international trips (i.e. vacation)

 >  International/ Global insurance provides medical insurance to expats or individuals who spend more than 6 months a year abroad.

To get quotes call us at (678) 257-2215, select  AFLAC plans to find out more about critical, cancer care and accident plans.