Dental Insurance

Almost all dental plans cover preventive services like teeth cleanings and x-rays at 100%, with no deductible or co-payment requirements. The differences that determine which plan you’ll choose are: services covered, at what percentage and the waiting period. Now days, 12 months is the standard waiting period for any major restorative dental work ( fillings, root canals, crowns, etc.).  


Delta Dental  is one of the largest Dental care providers. They offer discounted plans for a myriad of organizations, government agencies and memberships (i.e. Costco, AARP, VA and Tricare). They offer PPO’s, HMO’s and Fee-for-Service Plans.

Cigna offers three dental plans, starting as low as $17.00! To find out more click on Cigna Dental Plans. Cigna Dental Preventive- Cigna Dental 1000- Cigna Dental 1500

United Health Care offers six levels of dental coverage through a third party, beginning from $17.46 per month!  To find out more  Click Here

Careington is a discount plan- NOT dental insurance.  However the discounts are substantial, cost quite affordable and it is a widely accepted plan nationwide. You can choose any provider who accepts the plan and are not required to stay with a single provider.


Additionally, AFLAC offers a supplemental dental policy which pays cash back to you for every covered procedure you receive. Learn more about ALAC’s plans in the supplemental section.




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