Almost all dental plans cover preventive services like teeth cleanings and x-rays at 100%, with no deductible or co-payment requirements. The differences that determine which plan you’ll choose are: services covered, at what percentage and the waiting period. Now days, 12 months is the standard waiting period for any major restorative dental work; that includes: fillings, root canals, crowns, etc. Listed below are a number of dental plans from some of the industries most reputable carriers. Additionally, AFLAC offers a supplemental dental policy that puts some money back in your pocket for every covered procedure you receive. You can learn more about ALAC’s plans in the supplemental section.

Cigna offers three dental plans, starting as low as $17.00! To find out more click on Cigna Dental Plans. Cigna Dental Preventive- Cigna Dental 1000- Cigna Dental 1500

United Health Care offers six levels of dental coverage through a third party, beginning from $17.46 per month!  To find out more  Click Here

Metlife  specializes in group plans, but has recently added an individual dental plan, Metlife TakeAlong Dental, which offers both a PPO and HMO network. HMO’s are only available to residents of CA, FL, NY and TX.  For a quote Click Here

Careington is a discount plan- NOT dental insurance.  However the discounts are substantial, cost quite affordable and it is a widely accepted plan nationwide. You can choose any provider who accepts the plan and are not required to stay with a single provider.